Monday, December 12, 2005

Care Package Wish List

A lot of people have asked what I want in the next care package, especially with Christmas coming up, so here is a list of things I've thought of:

cheetos - the crunchy kind, not puffs
Keebler grasshoppers, mint Oreos, or other chocolate-mint cookies
Christmas candy
a string of Christmas lights - white; for year-round use haha
hair ties - you'd think they'd be easy to find but African hair doesn't need tying, apparently
hemp rope for jewelry making, and/or some cool beads
smartwool-type ankle-length socks
nailpolish in goofy colors
outdoor games involving balls or other objects that can be thrown around
CDs - especially comedy i.e. Margaret Cho, Eddy Izzard, etc. and the holiday music you hear at the Gap etc (I know, can you believe it?)
DVDs (encoded for Region 2 or all regions)
small, portable speakers to plug my iPod into
sample size anything, except ketchup

OH MY GOD!! The internet cafe I'm at is playing jazzy Christmas music!! And I'm happy about it!!!

Anyway, anything I get in the mail is always immensely appreciated like you can't even imagine, and the more creative the better. Stuff that might be helpful for you to know:

I have LOTS of time on my hands
Anything that makes me laugh is great for mental health
I have about a year's worth of antibacterial gel (thanks Mom, Lynn, Alyssa and everyone else who sent some)
I need to spend more time outdoors
I'm still at P.O. Box 159. Stuff sent to Nairobi may take a few months to reach me.


Anonymous Joyce said...

I will send:
-Margaret Cho and other MP3s
-Xmas lights

2:15 PM  

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