Monday, December 12, 2005

USA, So Far Away

I actually started this list first, but then got carried away making the other list (previous post).

Things I miss about the U.S., in no particular order:

1. cheese
2. spinach salads with candied walnuts and feta cheese (especially from Q Cafe on Clement Street)
3. ice cream
4. sushi
5. seafood
6. In and Out Burger
7. a nice California zin or cab or syrah or...
8. Two-Buck Chuck
9. cycling Marin County
10. swimming
11. eating vegetables raw
12. an ice cold glass of milk
13. cheap Chinese food
14. high speed internet
15. anonymity
16. steak
17. being able to say what I want, whenever I want
18. staying out after dark
19. green tea ice cream crepes from Japantown
20. olive oil
21. 22nd Avenue produce market in the Sunset
22. dungeness crabs
23. boba nai cha
24. having muscle tone in my arms and legs
25. San Francisco fog


Blogger bankelele said...

Nice blog
some solutions:
3. Yul's at Bamburi Beach, Mombasa
5. Mombasa Moorings or Tamarind Dhow)
6. Burger Hut, Westlands
10 Beaches at the coast, or sports clubs around the country
12. Fresh cow milk is better

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